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Kano Hub visits Khalil Halilu, the Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of NASENI

A significant highlight for this week at the Global Shapers Community, Kano Hub was our meeting with the Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the National Agency for Science & Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) at their Headquarters in Abuja.

Our meeting was an exhilarating moment as we met with Khalil Halilu, the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) and CEO, who was an Alumni of the Kano Hub. While he was a Shaper, he made lasting impact on the Hub, and we are thrilled to witness the remarkable work he’s doing at NASENI. Since Khalil Halilu became the EVC/CEO, the remarkable growth and innovation at NASENI can be attributed to the fact that a talented person like him has been given the opportunity to contribute, not just as a token gesture but to genuinely utilize his skills and empower the organization. And like Khalil Halilu, 71% of the community members at Global Shapers Community all around the world have gone on to take leadership roles.

L-R: …, Adamu Abubakar Ishaq, Khalil Halilu, Shuaib Sani Shuaib, Murtala Baba, …

Our journey at Global Shapers Community goes beyond mere membership; it is an opportunity to actively participate in driving change. Our members have honed their skills in teamwork, leadership, and understanding global issues, resulting in significant growth in self-confidence, self-awareness, and critical thinking. Shapers believe in achieving greater success and impact by collaborating with partners to bring about long-lasting change.

A major plan of the Kano Hub this year (and beyond), is to work with stakeholders like NASENI and those across various other sectors to enhance Science and Engineering Infrastructure, as well as develop new approaches to help identify and provide support to innovative endeavours in Kano and its surroundings.

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