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The Remand Home

The Remand Home Project is a social impact project aimed at nurturing and equipping these children and young persons with hands-on skills, mentorship, and legal aid, building a pathway out of a potentially destructive life.

Annual Clothing Drive

The Hub has been conducting an annual Clothing Drive to get people to donate their clothes, including warm clothing to be distributed to these vulnerable groups.

Annual Blood Drive

The Blood Drive holds annually in partnership with Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, and Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital Kano, and has so far potentially saved over 1,500 lives in addition to creating awareness about the benefits of voluntary blood donation.

The Blood Access Project

The Blood Access Project is an ongoing project that aims to boost blood donation in collaboration with Haima Health. From hosting blood drives and safely collecting and processing blood donations to linking patients across hospitals with willing blood donors close to them. The goal is to bridge the blood supply gap across Nigeria.

The Filastik Campaign

Plastic pollution is likely to increase over the coming decades, propelled by the projected increase in human population size and worldwide use of plastics, including the recent surge in single-use plastics during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to create a solution that tackles plastic pollution by raising awareness and transforming plastic into useful items.

The Kids' Seedling

The Kids' Seedling project aims to create a sense of environmental awareness for the younger generation, along with taking action on climate. It is a harsh reality that needs to be addressed and every single individual inhabiting the earth should realise there is no planet B, hence, t is our responsibility to protect our planet.

The Girl-Up Project

The β€˜Girl Up’ Project is a social impact project aimed at nurturing and equipping young girls with hands-on skills that will increase their earning ability and employability. The program is designed to be needs-focused, intensive, and engaging so that beneficiaries are well equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to create income and deliver on market demands.

The Steam Internship

The GSC STEAM internship program is a social impact and human development program aimed at bridging the skills gap and improving employability amongst Nigerian graduates by equipping them with cutting-edge training in market-ready skills (i.e. digital skills, software development, among others), as well as creating a mentorship platform for the enrolled interns.

The Soft Skills Series

The Soft Skills Series is a social impact project aimed at bridging the skills gap amongst professionals, students and graduates of higher institutions in Nigeria through a series of virtual sessions delivered by subject-matter experts providing market-ready skills, with a focus on soft skills needed to succeed in the current fast- changing and future workplace. By this, we will be actively contributing towards achieving SDGs 1, 8 & 10.