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Here’s how we’re shaping Kano

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Impact Areas

Build Inclusive Communities

Advocate for human rights and disrupt harmful stereotypes.

Re-skill for the Future

Provide all people with quality education, skills and jobs to ensure no one is left behind, along with promoting new standards of work, digital literacy, online safety and more.

Improve Health & Wellbeing

Achieve health equality, ensure access to health services, address the social determinants of health, advance youth mental health support and respond to pandemics.

Deliver Basic Needs

Support vulnerable communities, respond to local disasters, take humanitarian action, end hunger, fight extreme poverty and more.

Protect the Planet

Reduce emissions, fight drought, preserve biodiversity, conserve nature, promote sustainable consumption and more.

Strengthen Civic Engagement

Empower minority leadership, mobilize citizen voting, inspire youth to run for politics and ensure representation in decision-making and solution-building at all levels of society.