Amina Suleiman

Amina Suleiman is a Scientific officer with Nigeria’s National Space Center and spends most of her free time reading, learning and surfing the web . She is also a freelance graphic designer and she has dabbled in digital entrepreneurship with ventures such as off The griddle, digital marketing for private organizations.

Amina has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in Cyber Security. She was elected senator in Baze university for the IT department (2014-2015). She also worked with Galaxy Backbone in 2015. During her time with Claro Software Preston (2016) she found her interest in Programming and improved her problem solving-skills. At Steamledge (2017) Amina started venturing into graphics design and UI/UX.

She has worked with a couple of volunteer organisations (The Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership, Preston, 2016 & Steamledge Community 2017). She is passionate about bridging the IT divide in her community. She is a fast and diligent learner and always find it joyful working with a new people whilst adding value to an organisation

Phone: +234 8184 7388 66 | Email:

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