Guidance and Counselling Visit to GGSS Jogana

It was a bright Saturday morning on the 6th of July when members of the Kano Hub of the Global Shapers Community assembled to visit Government Girls’ Secondary School, Jogana, an all girls school on the outskirts of Kano. The Curator and Deputy Curator lead the delegation. This visit was a sequel to a previous one held some months back as some students were unavailable during the last session. The school management reached out to the hub to come over again and interact with the students because of how inspired and excited the students were after the last visit. Students from this school had previously attended the hub’s Shaping Fashion Summit where they got to interact with top names in the fashion industry from Kano and surrounding cities. Some of them were offered scholarships to fashion and entrepreneurship schools.

Everyone was assembled at the school’s multipurpose hall and the Senior Master Academics, accompanied by a few teachers, introduced the Hub and announced a surprise. The school had organised a cultural show for the hub at the end of the counselling activities as well as a presentation of certificates to outgoing members of the school’s Marketing and Business Club.

The Curator, Dr Ruqayya Nasir went first. She drew the attention of the students to the importance of being hardworking and courteous. Maintaining good relationships with people is of paramount importance to students who were interested in being Medical Doctors. She spoke on the need for patience and perseverance, especially in the field of medicine as it is very challenging but yet very fulfilling.

Nabila Aliyu, an entrepreneur and educationist spoke on actively pursuing creativity. Seemingly small ideas can blossom into good businesses if pursued with determination and an open mind, she emphasized to the students. She spoke on how she started her baking business from scratch after she was done with University education before getting a job. She presently works at a university but that still hasn’t stopped her from continuing her business and improving on it. She encouraged the students to try different things and not remain idle while they’re still very young. The sky will be their limit.

Amina Abdulwahab, a lawyer by profession, encouraged the students to stand up for themselves and not allow their lives to be led through peer pressure. She also emphasized the importance acknowledging our limitations, everyone has different limitations and it is cardinal that we all acknowledged them and work towards making the best of ourselves and our situations. Amina also spoke about maintaining integrity and honesty in our personal and professional interactions as the world will tempt us in different ways, especially for students interested in careers in Law.

Abubakar Sadiq, an IT consultant and research analyst spoke about the IT industry and how much more of an impact it’s going to have in the future. He emphasized the importance of being good in analytical subjects such as maths and physics in order to be a good research analyst. He highlighted how meticulous one needs to be with research analysis is. Abbas Muutassim, a mechanical engineer who’s having a stint in healthcare spoke about being kind hearted to the people around you, be it in your personal or professional life. Being a good person at heart never fails an individual in the long run. Students should always thrive to be excellent in what they do and maintain good relationships while being smart enough to go around peer pressure.

Ahmad Muhammed, a lecturer at the university, gave a talk on the importance of imparting knowledge on the community around you, the far-reaching impact that teachers have on the society and encouraged the students to consider teaching careers because without teachers, none of us would be professionals. He spoke on the importance of being good role by virtue of one’s education.

At the end of it all the students got the opportunity to ask some insightful questions which the Shapers responded to. It was then time for the cultural show, and group of students who had put in a lot of work in rehearsals came on stage and performed a variety of songs including a customized song that praised and extended gratitude the Shapers in attendance and the Kano hub as a whole. The Senior Master thanked the hub for the keen interest and concern it had shown towards the school and the development of the students. The Principal also commended the hub and extended her gratitude to the hub, while also requesting a longstanding relationship with the hub in her closing remarks.