GSC STEAM Internship Program

The Kano hub of the Global Shapers Community in partnership with Steamledge Limited officially launched its GSC STEAM Internship Programme on Saturday 18th January 2020. The GSC STEAM internship program is a social impact and human development program aimed at bridging the skills gap and improving employability amongst Nigerian graduates by equipping them with cutting-edge training in market-ready skills (i.e. digital skills, software development, among others), as well as creating a mentorship platform for the enrolled interns.
The goal of the program is to train and impact 200 interns over a period of 2years (2020 – 2022) and provide work experience for recently graduated or unemployed individuals with little or no work experience.

The program has four components:

  1. Technical skill component  – Interns will receive training on digital skills i.e. Microsoft packages, basic data analysis, use of Google Suite, Digital Marketing and Software Development courses.
  2. Soft Skill Component – Interns will be tutored on team building, entrepreneurship, strategic thinking as well as global issues like the 4th industrial revolution and climate change.
  3. Mentorship Component – Interns will be paired with mentors selected from the Kano Hub of the Global Shapers Community, who guide them on creating short and long term goals, with follow up to help them achieve these goals even after completing the internship.
  4. Community Outreach Component – Interns will have the opportunity to participate in social impact projects conducted by the Kano Hub of the Global Shapers Community, providing them with a platform to build leadership and team-building skills as well as learn the value of community development and the act of giving back. They will also get the opportunity to participate in some of Steamledge Ltd’s STEM teaching activities in primary and secondary schools.