Girl Up

An introductory social media poster to the GirlUp Project

Project Overview

The Girl’s Project is a social impact project aimed at nurturing and equipping young girls with hands-on skills that will increase their earning ability and employability.

The program will be physical and designed to be needs-focused, intensive, and engaging so that beneficiaries are well equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to create income and deliver on market demands. The program is centered on three principles

  • Provision of information: The implementation team will conduct a career guidance session to the target school, during which they will assess and select beneficiaries based on their interest in the following thematic areas; Digital Marketing, Web Development, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Baking, Makeup Design.
  • Skills Development: Beneficiaries will be required to intern with Startups/ Small and Medium business owners from the thematic areas of their interest and learn hands-on skills. They will also receive training on Creative and Critical Thinking, Leadership and social influence, Entrepreneurship Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Introduction to Sexual and Gender-based Violence, and Values and Goal Settings. Sessions.
  • Support System: After successful completion of the capacity building phase, beneficiaries will be provided will tools, resources, and guidance to further their learning and monetize the skills they learned.
Ongoing Counselling Session

Key Activities 

  1. Guidance and Counselling Sessions
  2. Selection of beneficiaries
  3. Stakeholder Consultation meetings
  4. Hands-on  and Soft Skills Training Session
  5. Provision of support system

Goals and Impact

  • Outputs 
    • A better environment for the kids to thrive
    • An increased sense of self-worth and hope
    • Well-rounded knowledge of employability and earning skills
    • Resources to implement knowledge in a real-life setting.
  • Outcomes
    • Increased earning ability
    • Increased employability 
    • Better Self-reliance 
  • Impacts
    • Decreased unemployment among women
    • Reducing income inequalities

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