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What is the role of a woman in her society?

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 A Woman plays a very vital role in human progress and has a notable place in her society. She is not at all inferior to a man. They are capable of sharing all the responsibilities of life. Man and woman have been rightly compared to the wheels of the same carriage. Islam has accorded an equal position to women in society. Islam realized the importance of women and granted them a very dignified position equal to man.

 The core responsibility of a woman is to preserve the human race. As a mother, her place is unique. She brings up children with extreme care. The first school of a child is the lap of his mother. It is quite true that a great man had great mothers.

“Give me good mothers, and I will give you a good nation.”


 The progress of a nation depends upon the way the mothers bring up their children. If the mothers gain education, the whole society will progress. Women have always played a vital role in the progress of a nation.

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Women are the pioneers of the nation. A report by the secretary-general of the United Nations, women constitute 50% of human resources. Also, the greatest human resource next only to the man having great potentiality. Women are the key to sustainable development and quality of life in the family.

Women assume varieties of roles in the family;

As a wife:

As a wife, a woman is a man’s helpmate, partner and comrade. As a result, she sacrifices her pleasure and ambitions, sets the standard of morality, and relieves stress and strain. Additionally, she lessens her husband’s tension, maintains peace and order in the household. She is also the source of inspiration to man for the high endeavour and worth achievements in life.

She stands by him in all the crises as well as shares with him all successes and attainments. She is the person to whom he turns for love, sympathy, understanding, comfort and recognition. She is the symbol of purity, faithfulness and submission and devotion to her husband.

As an Administrator and Leader of the Household:

A well-ordered disciplined household is essential to family life. The woman in the family assumes this function. She is the chief executive of an enterprise. She assigns duties among family members according to their interest and abilities. Also, she provides resources in-term of equipment and materials to accomplish the job.

She plays a vital role in the preparation and serving of meals. Selection and care of clothing, laundering, furnishing and maintenance of the house also fall on her. As an administrator, a woman organizes various social functions in the family for social development. She also acts as a director of the recreation. She plans several recreational activities to meet the needs of young and old members of the family.

As a Manager of Family Income:

A woman acts as the humble manager of the family income. As a result, it is her responsibility to secure the maximum return from every penny spent. More so, she always prefers to prepare a surplus budget instead of a deficit budget. A woman calculates loss and gains while spending money. Therefore, she distributes the income on different heads such as necessities, comforts and luxuries. 

Furthermore, a woman contributes to the family income through her own earning within or outside the home. Usually, she caters for the home and uses waste products for productive purposes.

As a Mother:


As a mother, the whole burden of childbearing and part of child-rearing tasks rest on the woman. She is primarily responsible for the child’s habit of self-control, orderliness, theft or honesty. More so, her contact with the child during the most formative period of his development sets up his behaviour pattern. She is thus responsible for the maintenance of utmost discipline in the family.

She is the first teacher of the child. She transmits social heritage to the child.

A mother is the family health officer. She is very much concerned about the physical well-being of every member of the family. Similarly, she pays attention to the helpless infant, the sickly child, as well as the adolescent youth. Also, she organizes the home and its activities in such a way that every member of the family feels safe. Ranging from proper food to adequate sleep. Generally, she makes the home a quiet, comfortable and appropriate setting for the children. Besides, she cultivates taste in interior design and arrangement, so that the home becomes an inviting, restful and cheerful place.

The central personality of the home and the family circle is the mother. All the members turn to her for sympathy, understanding and recognition. A woman devotes her time, labour and thought to the welfare of the members of the family. For the unity of interacting personalities, man provides the temple woman provides the ceremonies and the atmosphere. 

In the emerging complex social scenario, women have a vital role to play in different sectors. They can no longer be considered mere harbingers of peace. Rather, they are emerging as the source of power and symbol of progress.

Every woman has a story to share, and the world will be a better place when women are heard. 

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Similarly, the global volunteer has more to say on the role of women:

The central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. Globally, women comprise 43 per cent of the world’s agricultural labour force – rising to 70 per cent in some countries. For instance, across Africa, 80 per cent of agricultural production comes from small farmers, most of whom are rural women. 

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